Select-Fire: Visiting Mark Serbu and His Tampa Factory

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On this episode of Select-Fire, we visit with the eccentric and sometimes infamous Mark Serbu of Serbu Firearms. When he isn’t shooting machine guns out of airplanes or arguing with Seinfeld actors, he’s making cool guns and filling niche interests. So, we packed up our bags, carefully avoided Florida man, and ventured over to Serbu’s shop.

Mark Serbu inside his shop at Serbu Firearms. (Photo:

Serbu Super Shorty

If you know Serbu, you know the Super Shorty. (Photo:

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On the shelves inside Mark Serbu’s office library. (Photo:

Serbu Firearms

Mark Serbu, right, and Select-Fire’s host Chris Eger discussing a developing product — a rifle that weighs 70 pounds. (Photo:

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