Nashville Guard Shoots Razor Wielding Shoplifter; Forgets About Distance

A Nashville security guard forgot that distance is a friend during a shoplifting incident that turned violent. He was injured, but still shot suspect in the legs.

The incident happened last week at a Walgreens around 4 a.m., according to the Tennessean. A security guard stopped a suspected shoplifter near the doors of the store. The suspect, however, decided to not submit and a fight broke out. In fact, he pulled a razor and started slashing at the guard, who received several cuts to his left wrist and arm. That’s when the guard pulled a handgun and fired, hitting the suspect in both legs.

Police and emergency personnel arrived and transported both to local hospitals. Doctors treated the suspect for serious injuries, but still expect him to live. Police identified the suspect as Marcus Pullens. He is being charged with aggravated assault and theft. Police do not expect to charge the unidentified Nashville security guard.

This isn’t the first time Pullens has faced similar charges. He plead guilty in February to aggravated assault for attacking another security guard with a box cutter in December. In fact, police report he has been arrested 115 times since 1988.

Nashville Security Guard Forgot the Importance of Distance

As usual, the stories don’t provide much information about the incident. However, this is still a good example of how distance is a friend in a self-defense situation. A fight isn’t a static event. Those involved are constantly moving, even if only fists are being used. When weapons become involved, movement and distance becomes even more important. Especially, when a knife comes out.

Most folks’ first reaction against a knife is to grab the attacker’s hand. However, since knives are close-quarters weapons, a tactical retreat quickly becomes the best option to allow time to draw, aim and fire. A self-defense situation moves very quickly, though, and we can’t really say the security guard did anything wrong. He performed as best he could in a difficult situation. And since he ended up winning, his tactics weren’t too far off.

However, shooters should still train to produce distance in a situation. If the range allows it, start at the target and then backpedal while drawing and firing. Throw in some diagonals, as well as potential cover locations for variety. Then, take a look at your results, because shooting on the move is just as important as distance.