Disarmament by Bureaucracy: Florida Ag Commissioner Slow-Walking Carry Permit Reinstatement

We have been covering the ongoing bureaucratic obstructionism caused by Florida’s newly-elected Democrat Commissioner of Agriculture and Consumer Services, Nikki Fried. She now oversees the issuance of concealed weapons licenses in the state and appears to be making the process a nightmare. A fellow Floridian I know is getting a taste of the department’s new systems and policies first hand.

As we documented earlier, he received a certified letter from the  Commissioner’s office stating that his concealed weapons license had been indefinitely suspended. The Ag Department claimed he had an injunction (restraining order) filed against him in Nassau County in 2003. That was false and he obtained proof from the court, per the Ag Department’s instructions, that no such injunction had ever been issued.

Well, they’re still playing games and haven’t yet re-issued is license. This week, he received the following letter from the “Administrative Assistant” of the Dept. of Agriculture:

The Ag Department required him to prove his innocence by obtaining a certified letter from the court. As we documented, he went to the Nassau County Clerk of Courts and obtained a letter certifying that no injunction was ever filed against him.

He presented the letter to the regional Ag Department office. They told him he’d they would need to verify the letter before reinstating his carry license. That process, he was told, would take three to four weeks.

Now they’re claiming the letter he provided from the Clerk of Courts is insufficient proof because it isn’t “certified.”

He returned to the regional Ag Department office in Jacksonville. They told him that there was another problem with the letter the court had provided. It only lists his first and last name. The Ag Department claims that the non-existent injunction that was allegedly filed against him used his full name; first, middle, and last.

He’ll now have to repeat the process, with another three to four week delay.

As mentioned in our prior article, it’s astounding that the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services can’t pick up a phone and call the Nassau County Clerk of Courts to verify this information themselves.

What’s more, the Agriculture Department has access to all the necessary online systems to clear this up. Apparently using a phone or logging into the Florida Comprehensive Case Information System or the public Clerk of Courts’ database is utterly beyond their bureaucratic capabilities.

Or maybe they’re deliberately slow-walking the process and putting up every possible roadblock to discourage him from getting his carry permit reinstated.

Remember folks, a right delayed is a right denied.