Kevin Michalowski

Self-Defense, Not ‘Stuff’ Defense

Do not use your gun for anything except defense against an imminent deadly threat. The goal of true self-defense is to create enough dysfunction in your attacker that you can escape safely. If you can escape without firing a shot, you should make every effort to do so. This video shows one man shooting another …

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Defend This House … of Worship

Look around. Take it all in. Where are the exits? Where are the choke points if people start to panic? What provides cover? What provides concealment? If someone walked in and started shooting, where would you go? What would you do? Have you discussed the options with your family? Which seat provides you the best …

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Get Closer. Make Your Shots Count!

[embedded content] We have seen that evil does not respect those who worship. When we talk about defending a house of worship, or fighting in any crowd, target isolation is the key to making sure you stop the threat and do not endanger anyone else. Remember, good muzzle management means keeping your gun pointed in …

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