John Caile

Preventive Medicine … the Legal Kind

After an individual survives a violent physical confrontation in which he or she threatened or used lethal force, that individual is often faced with a bewildering array of legal issues, some of which can be almost as traumatizing as the incident itself. As a result, it only makes sense to have an aftermath strategy in …

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Consistency Is Crucial

Consistency is the foundation of any skill and absolutely vital when it comes to carrying a firearm for personal protection. Obviously, training is a key area in which consistency is crucial, but training applies to more than just shooting. A perfect example — one that too many people neglect — is practicing to rapidly draw …

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Clearing a Home Is Risky Business

Clearing a home. Like probably many of you, I cringe whenever I see this scene depicted in movies or on TV. You know the one: A man or woman is shown in semi-darkness, suddenly awakened in bed by a noise. Sometimes the camera cuts to the intruder (nearly always clad in black, complete with a …

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