Ask an Attorney: What Is Self-Defense?

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In this week’s “Ask an Attorney” video, attorney Tom Grieve discusses what, exactly, a self-defense incident is and how it gets raised as a defense in criminal court.

What Is Actually Considered a Self-Defense Incident?

As a criminal defense attorney and former state prosecutor, Tom often answers the question, “What is actually considered a self-defense incident?” In this video, Tom talks about what a self-defense incident is and how, if you’re involved in one, your attorney will need to raise something called “the privilege of self-defense.” In addition, Tom discusses what “triggering criteria” are and why it’s so important that they’re met before being able to utilize a privilege or an affirmative defense in a self-defense case.

About Tom Grieve, Grieve Law

Tom Grieve is a highly awarded former state prosecutor who started Grieve Law, LLC, one of the largest criminal defense firms in Wisconsin. He is respected as one of the top criminal defense lawyers in the state and has developed a nuanced understanding of Wisconsin firearms laws through his years of experience. Although Tom’s legal background speaks for itself, he has gone above and beyond the call of duty, receiving his certification as a firearms instructor; participating as a regular speaker and panelist with the USCCA for live broadcasts, training videos and national expos; and even serving as a speaker and analyst on numerous radio stations, television stations, and college and law school campuses.

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